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《 Imperial Envoy 》

basic information
County Magistrate Qian San and its subordinates were extremely corrupt.The corruption caused the county resentment. One day,Qian San received a leter from San Shu.In the letter.San Shu said that the imperial envoy was having a private inspection to check officials and he had arrived in the county.Qiansan was terrified and began to search for imperial envoy'.A playboy Jia Si and his servants passed by the county and Jiasi were regared as the imperial envoy mistakenly. All the officials in the county began to bribe Jia Si with money and gold, Jia Si accepted and enjoyed the benefit When Jia Si was getting married with the daughter of magistrate Qian San,the imperial envoy arrived in the county.Then the pretended imperial envoy Jia Si slipped away and the ridiculous farce came to an end.
In 2003,the grand classic satirnic comedy The Imperial Envoy was awarded the gold medal of The Gold Lion Award of the 2nd National Puppet and Shadow Puppet Competition.The show was then recommended to the 7th China Art Festival and won the Renovation Play Award,Wenhua Play Award.Wenhua Director Award and Wenhua Group Perfomance Award.It was nominated to the 2004-2005 and the 2005-2006 China National Stage Elite Program Proiect.
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