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《 Zhao's Orphan 》

basic information
In the Period of Spring and Autumn,the loyal and kindhearted prime minister(in ancient China)Zhao Dun and his whole family(more than 300 populations)were killed by the fatuous and self-indulgent ruler under the menace of the schemer Tu'an Gu.To save the only child of the loyal family and the justice in Jin Country, the physician Cheng Yin and his wife,the wet nurse Pu Feng,Junior General Han Que,and retreated oficial Gongsun Chuyjiu advanced wave upon wave and sacrificed. leaving a heroic story of dying for justice.
In 2013,the play was awarded the Outstanding Play Award,Stage Design Award and Lighting Design Award of the 14th Wenhua Awards.It also received the Best Play Award,the Scenarist Award and the Performance Award in the 18th China Shanghai Intermational Arts Festival in 2016.
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